Amazon Paint Frequently Asquawksked Questions – FAQ’s

Is this paint recycled?

Yes. Amazon Paint is 99.9% post-consumer latex paint

What is the quality?

Amazon Paint is premium quality paint, it has been filtered 3 times and is tested for quality and viscosity standards.

What is the finish?

Low-sheen or matte finish, it is between a flat and an eggshell. It is both washable and scrubbable.

Is this exterior or interior?

It is both, it offers a superior coverage for most applications

Can this be used in kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes, but we do not recommend it for cabinets, unless you will be using a sealer over the top.

Why doesn’t the color match from the last time?

Because each batch is made from varying colors, we strive to match colors within a 5% variance. If you are unable to get the same batch number, if you start in a corner, most times the color difference will be indistinguishable. If you have touch ups, you may again want to paint corner to corner to avoid color variance.

If you are questioning how much you need, it is always better to buy more of the same batch number, as you can return unopened cans, but your supplier may not always have the same batch next time you come back.

How many square ft. does this cover?

300 – 350 square ft. 1 gallon should cover an average sized bedroom

Can the paint be tinted?

No, we do not tint the paint. However, if you have a good relationship with your hardware or paint store they may tint it for you, however, because it is recycled you may not get the color you think you will get. If you are concerned about exact color, you may want to purchase virgin paint.

How long is the shelf life?

If unopened your paint should last 1-2 years

Does this paint work in a sprayer?

Yes, use the largest paint nozzle available, the paint is thick and if you are having problems you can add a small amount of water to thin the consistency.

Can this be used on floors?

We do not recommend using anyone’s latex paint on floors, unless you plan on using a quality seal coat over the top.

Can this be used on concrete or metal?

Yes, if it has been previously painted or coated.